A Message From Our Executive Director

What are you willing to take a stand for? This is a question that was posed to me last month and a question I have been pondering ever since. For me, the answer is broad. Yes, I have chosen to take a stand for girls at risk in our community. But it goes beyond that. At the heart of what I am willing to take a stand for is my community. I love this community. I love the spirit of generosity and the cooperation I feel in working in the nonprofit community, especially. I love the quirks and flaws that make us unique. I love that when I think about a problem I want to solve or a question I need answered, I know exactly who I can reach out to. I love that I can connect our girls to resources, people, ideas, and experiences with one phone call. I love the creativity I see in business and social collaborations. I have chosen to channel that love of community into the girls we serve, by creating a microcosm that serves our girls but also serves everyone who touches this organization. We build and foster relationships that build community.

I believe Nevada County is stronger today than it was twenty years ago and I believe The Friendship Club has played a role in that. We have our donors and volunteers and teachers and counselors, our citizens and our girls to thank for that. I was proud to host the Power of the Purse earlier this month because it gave me a chance to educate nearly 350 people about the work we do and we gained financial support from new and returning donors. But what made me the proudest was to see my new and young professional staff (and graduates of The Friendship Club) share that they have come back to serve The Friendship Club to say thank you to their community. It is a community that has time and again taken a stand for them, gone to bat for them, invested in them, loved and encouraged them. They are here to give back. I can’t think of anything more important to take a stand for.

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