Event Volunteers are Invaluable- By Cindy Hintz

How many volunteers does it take to produce one Friendship Club fund development event? Believe it or not, often times it takes between 40-50 volunteers! Multiply that by five, our total number of major events during the course of the year, and we’re talking well over 200 volunteer opportunities!

“What kind of work would I be doing if I helped at a Friendship Club event,” you may ask?

Our volunteers help us with pre-event tasks such as: preparing rolls of raffle tickets, making centerpieces, collating program materials, addressing invitation envelopes, pick-ups, and napkin folding. So, as you can see our volunteers help us out with a lot of different tasks!

The day of the event is managed by a detailed schedule and list of tasks. As a Friendship Club volunteer, you’re free to choose the task of your liking, during the hours that fit your busy schedule. As the Volunteer Manager, I am onsite during the event to help direct volunteers, ensure everything is running smoothly and that volunteers are enjoying their time. Recently, Lisa Macrina told us “Friendly, focused, talented, cohesive, supportive and fun are just a few words to describe the entire staff at The Friendship Club. I have had the pleasure of being welcomed and supported by this amazing group of women and I have grown as a person through my volunteerism at The Friendship Club.”

Recently, we held our annual Power of the Purse Luncheon at the Grass Valley Veterans Building. This fantastic luncheon and purse raffle was attended by nearly 350 guests, who were left touched by the stories of the Friendship Club girls, alumni and staff.

Please visit our website event page for a preview of events to come in 2017. Contact our Volunteer Manager, Cindy Hintz, if you would like to learn more about volunteering for us at The Friendship Club!

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