A Message from our Executive Director

Spring is a busy time at The Friendship Club! When is it not a busy time here?! But Spring to me represents transformation and that is what we are all about at The Friendship Club.  We are actively recruiting our new crop of girls, receiving referrals from teachers, counselors, and social service agencies from around the County. The stories of girls and the struggles they face at home and/or at school, as well as the lack of connection and consistent support are overwhelming. They are stories that can break your heart. But we know that transformation is around the corner for them and that by joining The Friendship Club they are on a path to a brighter future, one that will be filled with opportunity, connection, positive relationships, and a hope for a better tomorrow. They will also be challenged to work hard, set goals, expand their horizons, and held accountable for their decisions and behavior.

We have high expectations for our girls and they rise to those expectations time and time again. There is another form of transformation happening this time of year. The transition from high school to college is never an easy one but it is always an exciting time. Girls are preparing for their next steps. Many of our seniors are already enrolled for college in the Fall and are putting the finishing touches on their senior projects. We have seen tremendous growth in this last semester. We also face those bittersweet feelings. After all, they’re our girls and we will miss them dearly! We have spent the last five to seven years getting to know them, helping them thorough challenging and sometimes heartbreaking experiences, we’ve helped them shape their plans for after high school and have made sure they have the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to successfully transition to life as a young adult. We will honor our six graduates on May 11th and if you haven’t told us you are coming yet, please call us.  It is an amazing celebration of love and persistence, leadership development, and of the human spirit.

Every girl who graduates with us and goes on to college or vocational training, is eligible to receive a scholarship and we will proudly present our girls with those on May 11th.  If you would like to learn more about our scholarship programs, please consider attending our Graduation and Scholarship Dinner on May 11 or call me at 265-4311.  RSVP is required to attend the event. You can make a donation to the Friendship Club general program or scholarship program by clicking here, or call us for information about making your gift.

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