Reflections of Thanks

Many girls from Friendship Club continue to stay connected to the club, after they
graduate, through our alumni program. During monthly meetings and through a
Facebook group, they gather to offer support, continue to learn skills, and strengthen
friendships. With Thanksgiving just around the corner some of the alumni have shared
reflections of thanks from their time in the club with the hopes of helping our many volunteers
and donors understand the difference it made in their lives:

I’m thankful for Friendship Club because throughout my whole life it has
been the most stable thing I’ve had. I was blessed enough to have been
part of starting the alumni program, because even after graduating the
club, it still allows club to be a part of my life. I still have that sense of
stability. Over 10 years and counting!

I was a victim of bullying at school for many years, causing me to become
shy and reserved. I am thankful that the Friendship Club provided a safe
place for me to socialize, become comfortable with who I am, and make
lasting friendships with both the girls and the wonderful women involved in
the program.

I am thankful for all of my friends I have met through the club, that are
close enough to call family. I am also thankful for all of the love and
support from everyone. I could say so many things!

Honestly I’m thankful for the family I’ve made through the club, my best
friends, who I’ve met at Friendship Club, I’m thankful that if I’m in a deep
hole and I need help getting dug out, I can count on any Friendship Club
person to do what they can to help.

When I felt like I had nowhere to go and when I felt alone, Friendship Club
was there for me. It was my second home and a place that I knew I would
be accepted.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do to support our girls!

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