Exciting Additions to the Academic Year Program

We just wrapped up a wonderful summer program and are looking forward to starting our academic year program with our recently expanded program team. Please help us welcome our three new Youth Development Assistants: Chelsy Warmerdam, Lexee Smith and Tiffany Scudero!

Chelsy and Tiffany are former Friendship Club girls and have been alumni since they graduated high school in 2010 and 2011, respectively.  Chelsy completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Child Development and also her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from CSU Chico.  Tiffany received her Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies at Sierra College and plans to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies.  Lexee is a Nevada County Native and just returned home after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from CSU Chico.  She is currently working on her Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science.  Denise Tambasco, Program Director, will continue to oversee our academic year and summer programs and will work closely with the new staff to help our girls develop their strengths and achieve their potential.  Denise is excited to have this opportunity to mentor the new staff and to further support the two that are alumni!  Click here to read more about our new staff and to learn more about all our staff, if you’d like!

Due to the new staff additions, we are able to expand our program offerings for girls, while augmenting other programs we already offer. One of the things we have noticed over the years is the fact that many of our girls struggle to complete their homework at home.  Often they don’t have a quiet space to do their homework and/or they don’t have someone at home who is able to help them when they have questions.  This tends to be the number one reason why our girls fall behind in school We are excited to now offer a Homework Club twice a week where girls can come after school to focus on their homework and get support from staff.  This will allow girls to come to The Friendship Club for multiple days after school if they need support, rather than just on their meeting day.  The Homework Club will be in addition to the one-on-one tutoring we already provide to girls in various academic subject areas, according to their needs.

We will also be augmenting our College Knowledge Program by offering more college field trips throughout the year.  Our goal is to offer six short college visits between September and May, which are in the process of being planned.  This will be in addition to the longer college field trips we do over school breaks.

There are surely to be other program offerings added as we settle into our academic year program.  We will be sure to keep you posted!

Monthly Matters

As we look to the future, it’s time for The Friendship Club to focus on sustainability as we continue to grow with the needs of the amazing young women we serve. Monthly giving allows The Friendship Club to continue to educate & engage the generation of tomorrow, empower girls and young women to rise above circumstance, and sustain the programs critical to their success and the betterment of our community. These donations are critical to our long-term success because they provide steady, reliable income throughout the year. And that translates to smart economics.

2016 Spring Appeal and Graphic

We are so appreciative of the many people in our community who have committed to monthly giving and are hoping to meet our goal of 100 monthly donors in 2016.  We invite all of our current monthly donors, and anyone who is interested in learning more about becoming a monthly donor, to our Monthly Matters gathering on Thursday, September 8th from 5:30-7:00 here at The Friendship Club.  At this gathering, you will meet our new staff and alums and learn more about our new program directions for the fall.  Please RSVP to Jennifer Singer by September 5th: (530) 265-4311 and jennifers@friendshipclub.org. 

I want to become a monthly donor because I want to give back.  I want to invest my time and money into an organization that I believe in.  The Friendship Club truly works and changes the lives of the girls in our community.  I want to give to others what I have received.

– Jacquelyn Chavez, TFC Alumni and current Board Member


BriarPatch Co-op CAUSE a big success!

Friendship Club Friends-2000x808

We would like to give a BIG thank you to the BriarPatch Co-op for choosing The Friendship Club to be the fundraising recipient of their Co-op CAUSE during the months of June and July. We are also very grateful to all the customers that chose to round up their total to the nearest dollar and have all that extra change donated to The Friendship Club.  Because of the BriarPatch Co-op and all the people that supported the Co-op CAUSE, nearly $5,500 was raised in support of our programs!  We live in an amazing community!

A Message from Our Executive Director

jenniferThe Friendship Club has made some exciting changes and this summer will be one of a kind! For over twenty years YOU and people like you have been contributing to the safety, security, and FUN that makes up our summer program and you’ve supported the leadership development of our girls. This summer we welcome Friendship Club graduates; they bring with them their program experience, insights gained since graduation, and their desire to make a difference to the next generation of girls! The Friendship Club has come full circle.

This year we will offer five camps and seventeen summer clinics and activities to over 80 Nevada County girls at risk and our staff and has expanded to include graduates of our program!

You can impact a life by making a campership donation of $300 today. You will receive a personal thank you note from one of our campers and learn firsthand how your investment has impacted her life.  This year, a generous donor has also agreed to match every summer gift up to a total of $10,000!  Click here to make your donation now.

Camp Friendship offers girls a chance to learn more about themselves and their strengths. They develop positive and meaningful relationships with their peers and adults, and they push themselves in a positive direction, expanding their horizons. YOU have made it possible to offer the largest and most robust summer program to date and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities you are affording our girls.

All of this is possible with the help of our generous donors and volunteers.  With over sixty volunteer opportunities this summer, we need you! Call us today and become a volunteer!

Thank you for being a part of what has become a strong, vibrant, critically important community organization. Our mission, leadership, and your support are what make it all work.

With gratitude,


BriarPatch Co-op Partners with TFC in June and July

Ropes-courseWe are thrilled that the BriarPatch Co-op has chosen The Friendship Club to be the fundraising recipient of their Co-op CAUSE during the months of June and July. All you have to do is shop at BriarPatch and elect to round up your total to the nearest dollar.  All that extra change will be donated to us and it’s amazing how fast that adds up over two months!

Click here to see the wonderful article they wrote in support of this fundraiser, and they quoted our own Friendship Club alumnus, Amber MacLeod, who is also their employee of 7 years.  Please join us in thanking the BriarPatch Co-op for providing this wonderful fundraising opportunity in support of our valuable summer programs!

Summer Program Expanded for Friendship Club Girls

Volunteering at the Food Bank.
Volunteering at the Food Bank

This summer is off to a great start with our launch last week and the addition of new staff, some that are Friendship Club alumni!  We have added 26 new girls to our program across grades 6-12 and are excited to welcome them to The Friendship Club.  In June, we have our New Friends camp with girls going into 6th grade, and our Good Friends Camp with girls going into 7th grade.  The New Friends cohort is comprised of all new girls entering our club for the first time, with the hope that they will stay with us until they graduate high school. This camp is focused on fun activities that help the girls get to know each other, team build, and form the foundation for long-lasting friendships.

During Good Friends Camp, girls volunteer at the Food Bank, do a field trip to the Crocker Art Museum, participate in a drama workshop taught by Shawnna Frazier, and camp overnight at Scotts Flat Lake.  They end that camp with some sailing on Scotts Flat Lake, thanks to the wonderful Gold Country Yacht Club and all the people who donated their time to take the girls out on their sail boats.  They even provided a wonderful BBQ lunch for the girls!  And this year was extra special, with the support of 5 Friendship Club alumni who volunteered to chaperone girls on the sail boats.  Whew, we still have three more camps to go: Best Friends Camp (8th grade girls), Forever Friends 1 Camp (Freshman girls), and Forever Friends 2-4 Camp (Sophomore-Senior girls)!

We will also provide an additional 18 clinics and activities for girls to participate in if they choose.  We are doing some of the standard clinics and activities that are so popular with our girls, such as cooking and baking, glass fusing and jewelry making, and photography.  Another popular activity is Book Friends, where we take the girls every Friday to The Book Seller to get a story read to them and then they get to pick out a book to keep.  This year’s Book Friends is generously supported by Pete’s Pizza where they provide the girls with lunch afterward!  We are also excited that our Literary Tea, which is on the last day of Book Friends, will feature local author extraordinaire, Kim Culbertson!

And the fun doesn’t end there!  We are also teaching the girls how to compose music on the computer with Garage Band, how to do line and partner dancing, how to interact with horses to help raise their own self-awareness, and how to plan and prepare a meal using fresh, local produce that they will gather at the Farmer’s Market.  They will also have the opportunity to see the wonderful musical, Little Shop of Horrors at the Nevada Theatre.  We will wrap up the summer in August with a pool party and BBQ at Pioneer Park for all the girls and their families.  We love summer!

A Message from our Executive Director

jenniferThe Friendship Club is successful for many reasons: we have an amazing dedicated professional staff, we have enthusiastic and caring volunteers, we have a compassionate and collaborative board of directors and we have donors who believe that investing in the lives of our girls is an important part of creating a healthy community.

I would like to thank the business community in particular for their support over the years. Community focused businesses that sponsor The Friendship Club care about investing in the health and welfare of our children. Their contributions fund the day-to-day programs, keeping girls safe and nurtured in a loving environment, influenced by positive, life enhancing experiences.

Local businesses are key to the development of Friendship Club girls as future employees. Our girls, for the most part, stay in our community after high school graduation, attend Sierra College and work in the area. Some have left to attend college and are planning to return. We prepare our girls for this track by helping them hone their interview skills, build resumes, achieve financial literacy and ensure they have the opportunity to set short and long term education and career goals. As our girls are welcomed by local businesses to participate in community service, they are learning to give back and be responsible members of our community.

Thank you to the businesses that believe in the power of community and have invested in The Friendship Club. If you are not yet a business donor, please consider joining us as a business partner and contributing to the program excellence that fosters health and growth for some of our community’s most vulnerable young women.   Call today to set up a time to meet to learn more about how YOU can make a difference for our girls: 265-4311.

In Friendship,


Building Self-Awareness in Our Girls

StrengthsQuestThroughout the year, we engage our girls in key impact areas that when developed, will help them grow into strong, healthy and happy adults: Health and Wellness, Self-Awareness, Goal Setting, Self-Sufficiency, Healthy Relationships, and Community Connectedness. This month, we wanted to highlight the impact area of Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness is defined as “an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality.” Our goal is that girls become increasingly more self-aware the longer they participate in The Friendship Club. A few examples of what we hope our girls will demonstrate as part of their developing self-awareness is self-respect, knowing their strengths and using them to understand their interactions with others and to inform their decision-making, respecting the boundaries of others, and listening to their intuition and feelings of being unsafe.

This month, the high school girls are focusing on self-awareness by exploring their own strengths. The girls each took the Gallup StrengthsQuest assessment and were evaluated for their 5 top strengths. It was not surprising that most of their strengths ended up in the category of “Relationship Building,” since this is a time when they are focused on their peers.  We will use the results of the assessment throughout the year to complete a series of activities addressing how knowing their strengths can help them discover how to apply them to school, relationships and careers. For instance, in our “Job Analysis” activity, girls will look at a variety of “real life” job descriptions to see how their personal strengths may fit into that role. It can be very empowering to look at yourself through this lens. Typically, our girls tend to focus on where they are lacking.  We want them to focus on where they shine; a positive take on promoting self-awareness!

The most important thing about The Friendship Club is that I can learn to like me for me. – 7th Grade TFC Girl

A Message From Our Executive Director

jennifer2015 was an exciting and an important milestone for The Friendship Club as we celebrated our 20th anniversary. We wrapped the year with a special gift from Century 21: Realtors and staff from the South County, Penn Valley, Grass Valley, and Nevada City Century 21 offices participated in outfitting The Friendship Club with much needed kitchen equipment! The kitchen shower was an important step in our efforts in 2016 to continue to provide wholesome, quality meals for our girls when they are with us. The new equipment allows us to be more efficient and creative. Feeding 85 girls a week is an important part of our mission – we want to make sure girls have access to healthy food as well as an opportunity to learn how to prepare nutritious meals. We are also able to “go green” by abandoning paper plates and plastic utensils for real dishes and silverware. The girls love eating off real plates and are taking pride in helping with the small extra effort that involves.

We are grateful for Eric Hatch and Dan Jacquzzi, owners of Century 21 for supporting this effort. Thank you to Cathy Bearry and Shannon Hatch for bringing this idea to Century 21 and for supporting the process. Thank you Century 21 Realtors and staff for supporting the efforts of The Friendship Club, for impacting our programs, and for investing in our girls and our community.

2016 is going to be another amazing year! Not only have we started the year off right with this incredible investment, but we are also looking forward to expanding our scope and impacting young women into their early twenties through the launch of our new alumni program! Stay tuned for more details later…

In Friendship,


Power of the Purse


We are putting the POW in Power of the Purse this year!! Our annual event coming on March 16th is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about The Friendship Club, meet some of our girls and alumni, enjoy a delicious lunch and participate in our amazing purse raffle! We are currently recruiting table captains to fill our event and will kick off with a table captain party next week. Captains are charged with filling a table of eight.

Power of the Purse 2016 will kick off our 100 Heroes for Friendship campaign. We are seeking monthly donors who will commit to the long-term health and sustainability of The Friendship Club. This year we have moved to the Grass Valley Vets Hall so we have plenty of room to welcome you and your guests!

If you are interested in learning more about this event or are considering being a captain, please call Cindy at 265-4311. RSVP is required.