New Location Means New Opportunities for Our Girls

Each of our locations over the years has offered an opportunity for growth and expansion of our after-school and summer enrichment programs. One of the aspects of our recent move that has us most excited (aside from the more spacious activity rooms) is access to a beautiful outdoor activity space. At our previous locations, finding a safe space to conduct outdoor activities could be challenging, which meant that we had limited possibilities. However, our current space makes available an area with a lawn and trees, as well as access to a softball field. Access to this space will help us to integrate more overall outdoor time. This is important because there is a growing body of research indicating that contact with nature and time spent in the outdoors can have beneficial health effects. Time spent in contact with nature has been associated with better psychological well-being, better decision making, better overall physical health, quicker recovery from illness, and an overall reduction of stress. We are looking forward to maximizing the potential of our new outdoor space and bringing our program to a new level of health and fun!

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