Academic Year Program

Girls in The Friendship Club are organized in same-grade cohorts. This allows the staff to plan developmentally appropriate lessons and experiences that build on each other over time.  The academic year program consists of after school meetings for each cohort, monthly field trips, and community service opportunities. Additional small group and whole cohort activities are planned during the breaks and holidays, which focus on building social skills, cultural activities, and various other enrichment opportunities.

Girls come to the club one time per week for after school meetings.  This time is used for homework support, a chance to check in with our professional staff and their peer group. There is always a lesson or activity built into each meeting and those lessons are focused on one or more of our impact areas. Girls in need of more academic support can request a volunteer tutor and they work together in specially arranged meetings at The Friendship Club.

In addition to a weekly meeting, each girl is invited to attend field trips throughout the year.  Field trips are designed to introduce girls to future career opportunities, learn from dynamic and interesting community members, participate in team building or boundary expanding activities, and include good old-fashioned fun.