Peer Resource Program

The Peer Resource Program is a program that was added to The Friendship Club to provide additional social-emotional support to the girls in the program.  This program has 10 girls in grades 9-12 participating–all of whom completed or is in the process of completing 40 hours of initial training over the course of 6 months in order to become a Peer Helper.  Trainings include an overview of what a Peer Helper is and what their role will be in The Friendship Club program, communication skills and the importance of deep listening for understanding, conflict resolution, suicide prevention, and Green Dot bystander training to prevent bullying and violence. Once girls complete their initial training, they are able to hold “check-in hours” where they are available during after school meetings for other girls in the club to talk to if they had a bad day or need someone to talk to.  Peer Helpers are trained to notify staff immediately if the girl seeking help needs professional support or immediate intervention and the staff will seek the appropriate support right away.  The Peer Helpers receive ongoing training after they receive the initial required training to continue improving their skills as a resource for their peers.