Program Impact Areas

The Friendship Club program is a year-round comprehensive program, serving girls at risk between the ages of 10-18, and beyond through our alumni program that meets monthly.  The SAFE program is also a year-round comprehensive program serving youth (all genders) as they transition to adulthood (ages range from 16-24).  For both of these programs, every activity and experience builds on the next and our programs intertwine to create a safe and long-term experience for youth to grow, learn, and develop into self-sufficient, happy and successful adults.

Everything we do is focused on one or more of the following impact areas; Health and Wellness, Self-Awareness, Goal Setting, Self-Sufficiency, Healthy Relationships, and Community Connectedness.  Long-term involvement in The Friendship Club and SAFE programs is the key to success and is encouraged, but any amount of time youth spend in our programs will benefit them greatly.

In addition to the program activities and events, each youth receives many hours of individualized support throughout the year.  Our staff is available to youth when they need us and our staff spends a great deal of time working with each youth to establish goals and plans for the future, navigating relationships and opportunities, and advocating for youth at school and/or college, and in the community as appropriate.

Below is a video of TFC program graduate and former employee, Tiffany (Gray) Scudero’s moving TED Talk about her story and why The Friendship Club program was a critical part of her ability to overcome adversity and thrive.  It is well-worth the 12 minutes to watch.